The list of invited speakers (tentative)

  1. Dr. Joanna K. Bendyna (Eindhoven University of Technology), "The potential of nanomaterials for hydrogen storage: progress, problems and perspectives", confirmed
  2. Dr Michał Bystrzejewski (University of Warsaw), "Recent advances in synthesis and applications of carbon-encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles", confirmed
  3. Prof. Michael Giersig (Freie Universitaet Berlin), „Multifunctional nanomaterials and their application in the field of biomedicine” confirmed
  4. Dr. Daniel Gottschald (Chemie-Cluster Bayern), „Role of nanotechnology in the Chemie-Cluster Bayern activity”, confirmed
  5. Dr. Jean-Francois Hochepied (MINES/ENSTA ParisTech), "Do it in water ! Aqueous (co)precipitation processes for nanoparticles and nanostructured particles", confirmed
  6. Prof. Bogdan Idzikowski, (IMP PAS, Poznań), "Nanocrystalline states of Pauli paramagnets", confirmed
  7. Prof. Stefan Jurga, (UAM, NanoBioMedical Centre, Poznan), Nanotechnology for biomedical applications, confirmed
  8. Prof. Jerzy J. Langer (UAM Poznan), "Our approaches to nanotechnology for techniques, household, healthcare, safety and defence", confirmed
  9. Prof. Witold Łojkowski (IWC PAN, Warszawa), t„Microwave solvothermal synthesis of nanoparticles”, confirmed
  10. Dr. Marcin Motyka (Wroclaw University of Technology), "Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy in the mid and long wavelength spectral range", confirmed
  11. Prof. Herbert Pfnuer (Leibniz Universitaet Hannover), "Nanophysics close to the ultimate limit", confirmed
  12. Dr. Roxana Piticescu (IMNR Bucharest), "New approaches in the chemical synthesis of nanomaterials", confirmed
  13. Dr. Artur Podhorodecki (Wroclaw University of Technology), "Ion-ion interaction as a tool for controlling spectral and temporal properties of ultrasmall inorganic optical markers based on lanthanides emission for bio-medical applications", confirmed
  14. Prof. Grzegorz Schroeder (UAM Poznan), „Chemistry for nanotechnology”, confirmed
  15. Prof. Tomasz Stobiecki, (AGH Kraków) "What's new in spintronics?", confirmed
  16. Dr. Marcin Syperek (Wroclaw University of Technology), "Nanosecond and sub-nanosecond time-resolved spectroscopy of low-dimensional quantum structures", confirmed
  17. Prof. Jacek Szuber (Politechnika Śląska), "Transparent conductive nano-oxides (TCO)", confirmed
  18. Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko (IF PAN, Warszawa), “Perspective luminescent nanomarkers based on rare-earth doped oxide matrixes: from technology to application.”, confirmed
  19. Prof. Marcel H. Van der Voorde (University of Delft), „Nanotechnology: Directions for Economical and for Societal needs in 2025", confirmed
  20. Dr. Matthias Werner (NMTC, Berlin), „Selected Examples for Applications, Properties and Economical Aspects of Nanotechnologies with a Focus on Carbon based Materials”, confirmed