Objective of conference

There is the sixth Polish Conference on Nanotechnology. The first Conference took place in Wroclaw (2007) and the following events were held in Cracow (2008), Warsaw (2009), Poznań (2010) and Gdańsk (2011). The main aim of the 6th Polish Conference on Nanotechnology NANO 2013 is (as was the case in the previous conferences) a review of recent studies carried out in national research centers related to nanosciences and nanotechnologies. The review will deal mainly with the methods of fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials, their application as well as the modeling of various nanotechnology processes. The concept of the NANO 2013 conference is to organize an interdisciplinary scientific-technical forum, a meeting place for representatives of various fields, expertise and interests. The crucial aim of the Conference is to create a wide national platform to present results and exchange ideas as well as to consolidate the Polish “nano” milieu, including an active participation of industry. As one of the ambitious goals of the present Conference is an opening towards the European nanotechnology, we are happy to welcome eminent invited guests from abroad.